Set Number: 1787821 $20

Stylish shopping bag in light and velvety organza with an external pocket for small items. This fashionable and useful accessory can be rolled up to a compact size and stored even in a clutch or pocket.

Despite the "airy-weightless" appearance, the bag is very durable (withstands weight up to 4 kg)

Thanks to this bag, you can forget about plastic bags forever, which will serve to combat israf (excessive consumption) and help to contribute to the fight against environmental pollution.

Can be worn on the shoulder or in the hands.

Bag dimensions:

35cm width and 40cm height.

* When buying 2 bathing suits, the bag is included as a gift.


• High-quality bathing fabric, production Italy

• Organza

• Delicate wash at temperatures up to 30 degrees, ironing at temperatures not exceeding 140 degrees


  • Do not iron
  • Do not wring
  • Do not bleach
  • No dry cleaning
  • Drum drying prohibited
  • Use a mild detergent
  • The bathing fabric of our products is resistant to chlorine, sea salt, sand, hydrophilic. However, try to protect your suit from their effects.

Rinse the product thoroughly after use to wash off any chemicals, bleach, sea salt, sand.

Avoid excessive contact with deodorants, cosmetics, perfumes, lotions and suntan oils, as well as rough surfaces, spas and pools treated with harsh chemicals.

Do not leave your product raw in plastic bags or bags.

Store the product at room temperature.