..The history of the SHELLÍNE brand goes back to 2016, when the founder of the SABINA brand changed her spiritual and external image. The love of adventure and travel, a thirst for the seas and oceans, a radical change of look prompted Sabina to create and embody the very modest, but at the same time stylish swimsuit that was supposed to satisfy all the needs of the author and her religion conditions.

Seeing for the first time special bathing robes for Muslim women available on the market, she was not impressed with either the design, the style, the quality, the fabrics, or the functionality.

10 years of experience and seniority in the fashion industry; stylization and production of creative projects and commercial shootings for many clothing brands; skills in working with personal styling and shopping assistance for customers; little experience in a modeling career; an inborn subtle sense of style with aesthetics and desperate searches for the perfect swimsuit prompted Sabina to create something of her own, reflecting her style and vision. Without having professional education in design, possessing only amateur skills in fashion illustration, she detailed the sketch of her first modest swimsuit and ordered tailoring from highly qualified seamstresses. Realizing the desired into reality, the founder of the brand tested her suit on the coast of the Aegean Sea. The product suited the author in all aspects. Sabina herself will tell you more about the further development of the SHELLÍNE brand ..

«..I could not even think that after publishing my photo on Instagram from another trip (where I was in that very swimsuit), there will be such an increased interest, a flurry of questions and compliments from my followers, not only from Muslim sisters, but also from just lovely and beautiful girls taking care of their body, health and style. After all, burkini (closed modest bathing suit) is the best

«Protection-armor» for our female body, not only from male and public eyes, but also from the harm of UV rays and the scorching sun.

I would also like to note that our body and health is a gift from the Almighty, the amanat (entrusted to keeping), we are obligated to treat the gifts bestowed by the Creator and protect them in the best way. Especially in our time, when every day the state of the ecology is getting worse. The ozone layer is being destroyed, UV rays reach the earth and cause many negative phenomena affecting people’s lives: skin and cancer diseases, pigmentation, allergic reactions, photoaging, cataracts, a general decrease in immunity, which provokes the development of many other diseases. Unfortunately, SPF sunscreens are not able to completely solve the problem of protecting the skin from all types of radiation, they only exacerbate it with its effect. I came to the conclusion that the best filter is a covered clothing and a hat.

After all these thoughts, reflection, responses and requests from my followers, close friends, and regular customers in style, I began thinking bigger — about creating my own line of stylish and modest women’s clothing for swimming. Realizing the need for this product, I took a chance and produced the first collection of swimwear under the brand SABRÍQUE. Sales and communication with the client were carried out through instagram and messengers. The production process was extremely unorganized. I had to spend a lot of time and nerves on the implementation of quality control and logistics. Since our customers were mainly from Europe and America. It was difficult to adhere single quality standards, due to the volumes it was necessary to produce orders at different industries and ateliers. In the end, I began to understand that it was not enough for me to be simply fashionable; I wanted my product to have the highest quality and systemic: from the purchase of fabrics and accessories, from the control of sewing to packaging and the implementation of logistics. Everything should have been at 5+! And I decided to make the next step.

We made the  market analytics, chose the target audience, rebranded by changing the naming, assembled a professional team, launched our own sewing production, and now we will present you our new brand SHELLÍNE




..The basis of our philosophy is the satisfaction of our clients needs with care for them. We are confident in our product and we are not ashamed of what we produce. First of all, because I personally take part in the development of design, sketches, in the selection of fabrics, as well as control the production process and accept the quality of each manufactured product. We like our work, and we are proud of what we do with love and care for you. You are like “pearls” for us, which we would like to hide in fashionable shells from SHELLÍNE!»


With love and care,



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